Galette Soba

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Buckwheat pancakes are to Brittany what maple syrup is to Canada.
As a child, I remember the pleasure of seeing a stack of pancakes on the table that my mother had cooked in the afternoon.
Sometimes, if there was any left over after supper, they would disappear the next day at breakfast accompanied by butter and jam.
At the time we did not know all the virtues of buckwheat, it was for gourmet pleasure that we put on all these pancakes.
Today, we know its beneficial properties including the absence of gluten which enhances its rating with consumers.
However, few know that the galette goes well with both salty and sweet foods. hot or cold according to individual tastes. Also note that it is easy to prepare.
This is why we offer you some examples of recipes, test them, invent some but above all, enjoy!

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