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Even though bread speaks for itself, the art of making it needs to be daily made and remade.
At Le Petit Breton, we vow to honour this very art, for the greater pleasure and benefit of our customers. Dedicated to following a tradition that has stood the test of time, we select our ingredients accordingly to the today’s tastes, with great care and accordingly to current freshness criteria. We are happy and proud to offer you a daily selection of more than seventy types of artisanal breads, daily baked.


Chères et chers clientes et clients,Soyez les bienvenues et sachez que nous sommes fiers de vous compter parminous. Au nom de la Boulangerie Le Petit Breton, nous tenons à vous remercierpour votre confiance et à vous assurer la constance dans la qualité supérieuredes pains comme des services que nous offrons.Nous avonsà cœur de fournir des produits de la plus haute qualité,façonnésavec soin etpartagés avec professionnalisme.

Nous espérons que nos painscomme notre approche sauront vous satisfaire.Pour passer une commande régulière, utiliseznotre adresse courriel,, où nous prenons connaissance desrequêtes quotidiennement. Assurez-vous d’effectuer votre commande de painfrais avant 13 heures le jour prévu dela livraison. Pour le pain congelé,prévoyez un délai de 48 à 72 heures.

Tout ajustement de commande ounouvelle requête peut aussi être fait par téléphone sur semaine en composantle 514.271.3340 

Fresh breads every day

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White breads

Our white dough is created in full respect of the traditional French method. It relies on a short list of simple and high quality ingredients including untreated unbleached flour, water, yeast, and salt. Our slow fermentation process extends to a minimum of eight hours, all the while allowing the bread to develop all its wheat flavours. Most of the ingredients we use are organic, which is to say free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and handmade, thus respecting the dough’s pace of growth.

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Special breads

Combining with our white breads, our bakery offers a wide range of special breads.
Sometimes gathered in families of similar attributes, they may vary in size, shape and texture, this satisfying the widest range of tastes and preferences. Have a look at their composition and nutritional values: each one offers its own benefits and a unique taste.


Sourdough breads

Le Petit Breton bakery offers you a complete range of sourdough breads. Each one undergoes a fermentation process ranging from 5 to 24 hours for the dough is made.
This process is essential to the development of the aroma and taste and ensures a better bread conservation. Have a taste of our products, all carefully created by our bakers committed to high-quality organic flours, live sourdoughs and slow fabrication process ensuring a generous, fragrant, and tasty bread.

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Sweet breads

Our sweet breads are the perfect morning treat: choose from cinnamon and raisins, mix of white and black chocolate, cranberry, or dark chocolate and orange. Our sweet breads shouldn’t be reserved to tiny ones: they’ll make all grown- ups; tastes buds just as delighted.


Seasonal breads

We are happy to adapt our products to the passing of seasons and the coming of festivities. Le Petit Breton offers you different breads according to the time of the year.

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Soba Galette

In the last few years, the request of products without gluten is on demand and for that reason, we developed the galette SOBA which it will be able to respond for customers.
Our SOBA galette is a flat galette and it allows you to develop a multitude of recipes that they are hot or cold, sweet or salty.

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